Why RS-5 Works

There is an argument that any product using anodes cannot work unless the anodes are submerged in water or buried in soil, and so do not work on cars or any other open-air equipment. This has some truth, but read further to discover why RustStop® RS-5 can be effective on cars.


RustStop® RS-5 uses a high-bonding open-cell tape on the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) which allows conductivity and protection even under the lightest of moisture. The anodes are placed where they will get wet whenever the vehicle is wet due to rain, atmospheric moisture and dew, meaning that protection is achieved around each anode during the highest risk periods. Each anode provides protection to the local area surrounding it, and when multiple anodes are fitted, this protection area can be overlapped, providing all over protection.



Basis for the argument:

Original Cathodic Protection systems, like for pipelines, had the anodes totally separated from the steel being protected. This technology relied on the soil between the anode and pipe to be conductive in order for protection to occur. The soil became the electrolyte.

It could never be used on open-air equipment because there was no way for an anode to hold a stronger charge, and still impress current to the steel. If the anode was in contact with the steel, the charge was short circuited and if it was separate is was insulated, hence zero protection.
So in order for protection to occur, the anode needs to be separate so a strong charge can be held, but have a conductive material between (electrolyte) that would allow current to pass, but not create a direct short.

Why RustStop® RS-5 is so effective:

  • RustStop® RS-5 use modified cathodic protection.
  • The advanced high-bonding, open-cell adhesive tape on the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) allows the positive 45V to be held, but still allows current to pass through, even under light moisture conditions.
  • Because the tape is open-cell, it responds to any moisture present, even atmospheric humidity, and increases conductivity and protection when needed most.