“Just a short note about ruststop, this was my first car I used the device on. We live in the “ rust belt “ area of New York State and most cars look like junk after about 4 years on the road. My car is 6 years old and is mostly rust free and looks like new. Your product was easy to install and maintain, I will always put this device on every car I own, if make a huge difference.”

Kevin B, Lockport, NY, USA 2019


“The RustStop system has proven to be extremely effective at slowing down corrosion on this Canadian daily driver for over a quarter century.  People are amazed that this truck, with original paint and no body work,  is still on the road as a daily driver with just a minor corrosion showing around the outer wheel wells. This photo is untouched.” – RustStop Customer from Canada”

Kevin H, Hamilton Ontario, Canada 2021


“First of all, I live in Toronto, Canada. The climate in Toronto is humid, meaning that the metal objects tend to rust more then in a dry climate. I have two vehicles where electronic rust protection is installed. The 2013 BMW X5 has electronic rust protection installed at BMW and that  is very basic rust protection model with one anode only. The bottom of the X5 and fenders are all covered with plastic covers and well protected from water penetration. But the moisture still gets under truck body covers.

The other vehicle I have is 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The bottom of that truck is all exposed to the water and moisture and that makes that truck very susceptible to the rusting. It was important to find the electronic rust protection model that has superior protection features compare to the available models on the market. I researched the market and found that RustStop RS-5 Heavy Duty Electronic Rust Protection is the best suited my needs. I also found RustStop video on YouTube where the electronic principles of the electronic rust protection are explained. The six anodes supplied with that model makes good distribution of electrons along the truck body and that makes electronic rust protection efficient.

I have the RS-5 Heavy Duty Electronic rust protection installed on my Jeep Wrangler since June 2019 and six months after I do not have any rust spots on my truck, and those Wrangler trucks get rusty quickly.”

Rouslan S, Toronto, Canada 2019


“I live in NL and they use lots of salt on winter (rust area). I used RustStop product on my 2009 BMW 328i xDrive when it was a brand new. Indeed it works and prevent the rust. After 10 years, I don’t see any rust or corrosion on the body. All the corrosion goes to magnetic Anodes. So you need to replace the magnetic Anodes every 2 or 3 years (recommended) on NL. However, it is easy to replace it the anodes doesn’t take time.”

Naeem A, Newfoundland, Canada 2019


“I have had two rust stop units on my current vehicle and one on my previous vehicle that I sold with that vehicle. I understand the principles behind the technology and I am a firm believer in the product. Once every two to three months I will lightly sand each anode with a very fine sandpaper to make sure that raw anode material is exposed to the elements. That’s all you have to do. The system will take care of itself. As the As the anode wear, they will have to be replaced periodically, depending on the environment perhaps every 3 to 4 years. This is cheap insurance to protect your vehicle. My truck is probably my second largest investment and I want to keep it in pristine shape as long as possible. I will continue to use the rust stop system on my future vehicles as well.”

John G, Wauconda, IL USA 2019


“I have had no problems with my rust unit I find it works really well and the warranty is great and the product is top notch I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good Ruststop unit.”

Daniel M, Rockyview, QLD Australia 2019


“I installed a Ruststop MK VI unit in my 1993 model Camry in October of 2000,  as we go on beach holidays often, and did not want my car rusting away due to the salty air at the coast. Turned out to be the best investment I ever made! The unit has been operating flawlessly for 16 years and 5 months now, and I can say with all honesty that if you’re serious about protecting your vehicles against rust, you should without doubt install a Ruststop unit. My Camry has been at the coast more times than I care to remember, and then for periods of a month or more, and absolutely no rust is visible anywhere on the car- just phenomenal! I was so impressed by the unit, that I bought another Ruststop unit (RS-5) in 2009 and installed it in my Mazda bakkie. This unit too, has been operating flawlessly, and I’m very happy with it.

After 16 years and 5 months, I eventually needed to replace the anodes (rust magnets) on my Camry. In my mind, this remains the best guaranteed solution against rust that money can buy! Thanks Ruststop, for a product that actually works!”

Joe Stieger, South Africa 2017


“I currently own an older  Ruststop 2000 system, that I installed on my 1999 Tahoe approx. 6 -7 years ago, the system has functioned without errors with the only maintenance being the replacement of the anode strips (Rust magnets)  To date I have not seen any signs of deterioration of the vehicle due to  rust. I live in a year round climate so this is significant.  If you keep your vehicle for a long time like I do, the Ruststop anti corrosion system is a great investment, and I would not hesitate to recommend the system to a friend.”

B Vaughn, UT, USA 2014


“I highly recommend RustStop. This is an excellent product. As a high tech manufacturing engineer, I am well aware of what corrosion does to sophisticated electronic circuit boards. As a rental property owner, I deal with rust constantly eating away at our hot water heaters. I also see the damage wet rainy New England springs and humid summers have inflicted on my vehicles before RustStop.

With the above mentioned background in mind, I purchased RustStop back in 2006 for my brand new Toyota Tacoma. The RS-4 unit was easy to install. At about two years, the unit developed a problem. I sent it back for a replacement and to my surprise, received the newer RS-5 at no charge. Six years have now gone by. My Tacoma is healthy and protected. I credit RustStop for an excellent product and exceptional customer service. Every vehicle I own from now on will proudly wear RustStop.”

R Cary, Massachusetts, USA 2012


“I purchased ” Rust stop” some years ago and fitted the product to our 1984 Toyota Coaster Bus which had been converted to a motor home.  The vehicle was a Japanese import and when we bought it in 2001 it was showing signs of rust damage which led to much hand work cleaning off the rust and repainting the whole vehicle.  This did not stop the rust breaking out again and many hours were spent sanding down and touching up these bad spots only to have the rust show it self again  after a short period of time. In 2006 the advert for your product was seen in The Motor home magazine and my partner and myself decided to purchase it and give it a try in order to give some respite from the continual rust outbreaks which had plagued us for so many years. After reading the installation instructions carefully the electrodes were fitted to the Bus with great care to make sure that a proper and clean electrical contact was made between each electrode and the vehicle body and tested with a multitester just to make sure that we had fitted those electrodes properly at each of the 8 points. Since fitting the system the outbreaks of rust which had been plaguing the motor home have been largely reduced and are no longer causing us the same worries as before.  I would say that there has been 70 to 80% reduction in rust damage to the motor home since fitting Ruststop. We sold the Vehicle 2 months ago and have purchased a newer motor home which is going to be fitted with Ruststop in the near future, such is our faith in its ability to protect our investment.”

John B & Jackie M, Nelson, New Zealand 2012


“I purchased my RustStop in 2003 for a 1999 Range Rover and was so happy with it that in 2009 I transferred it to a 2005 Toyota Prado (with new electrodes). Both vehicles have enjoyed sojourns on the beach as well as bush adventures.  Neither vehicle showed any hint of corrosion except at the electrodes. I check the electrode voltages regularly and they are always operating as expected. This device gives you the confidence to use you 4 WD as it should be without fear of that nasty rust. I love my RustStop.”

Jerome K, Queensland, Australia 2012


“I purchased this system for my 2010 F-150. I live in northeast Ohio where winters can be brutal and salt and brime is used on the roads.  I thought I would try something to protect my new truck from the elements and saw an ad for the Ruststop system. I purchased it and installed it in early 2010. The installation was easy, and instruction easy to follow. Here it is nearly four years later and I have not seen any rust to speak of. I am all for testing new products on my vehicle, I am a chief mechanic for the city, and would recommend this product to the city and to my friends.”

George R, Lorain, Ohio, USA


“I have no problems with your system and no sign of any rust even though I reside 50metres from the ocean. Thank you.”

Geoff H, Bribie Island, Australia 2012


“I have had it in an 1986 Nissan Navara 4×4, I got the car in 2004 with gen 65000 k on it and it had no rust anywhere. The plates on the back you can see working, and the only bit of rust to come in was in the radiator support panel a spot welded seem, surface rust only. I have loved your product and if I get a new car it will be on it.”

Trevor G, Clontarf, Australia 2012


“I fitted a model RS-4 Rust Stop system to my 7m 1992 Hino motorhome in November 2009. I was starting to see annoying rust spots appearing in numerous places and new that if I didn’t attack the rust pronto it would get out of my control. I wire brushed and sanded back the worst spots, like on the edges of the roof gutters and primed and painted them and brought them back to how they should be, but it was very time consuming and not as easy as I thought it would be.

At this time I read about your RS-4 in my NZMCA magazine and I was impressed with the claims that article made. I ordered received and installed the system myself and found the installation easy but had to read the instructions carefully and take my time. I fitted 8 anodes to my bus and since then have only had to replace 3. The other 5 are getting close needing replacement, but I brush the anodes with a light wire brush on a semi regular basis and its a good surprise to see just how much sacrificial waste that occurs on the anodes, rather than seeing an ongoing rust problem.

I can assure you that the system has worked a treat and is by far a cheaper and better way to fight rust and to date it appears that the Rust Stop system has stopped all the rust problems that were appearing  . It has given me peace of mind and I know that it is operating 24/7 and would recommend the system to anyone that cares to ask me. Thanks for your help.”

“p.s. My bus is parked up in the open at all times and a system such as yours is a paramount requirement, I believe.”

John T, Manukau City, New Zealand 2012


“4.5 years now and not a single bit of rust. 2008 Falcon RTV Ute. I will be installing Rust Stop on my wife’s new car ASAP.”

Ed C, Coolum Beach, Australia 2012


“Several years ago I purchased a RustStop device and installed it on my 1997 Toyota Hilux 4WD. I use my vehicle to launch and retrieve my boat and there is often considerable salt-water contact. I live within 500 meters of the ocean with strong prevailing winds. Since installing the device there has been no more rust forming and all the paint chips which cause rust stains on the paint have stopped.

My vehicle is still completely rust free. I sincerely believe the product works. I intend to buy another one for my motor home. Thanks.”

Trevor P, Mandurah, Australia 2012


“I am very impressed with “RustStop” installed on my 4 x4 double cab in about 2007. I am convinced that this product delayed the process of corrosion considering I use this vehicle to launch my ski-boat in salt water. To date I have not even replaced the exhaust system, and this is unusual considering I live on the coast. I however have to report that the roll-bar was not protected and corrosion has destroyed the bar.”

Adriaan V, Durban, South Africa 2012

(Factory Response: This is probably because the roll-bar is not earthed properly)


“I have had the Ruststop RS-5 fitted in January 2012 and I must say that this product is amazing. I have done a check on the electrodes and observed that a white powdery residue had formed on them and, as per the instructions, wiped them clean. I also closely monitored the existing rust spots that the vehicle had and found that these had not spread in any way. I live close to the Durban Coastline, where rust is a major problem and from my findings of the RS-5, I think that I have found the best solution to my cars rust problem. Thank You.”

Moosa E, Durban, South Africa 2012


“On having read about Ruststop, we had a unit fitted to my wife’s 1997  130 Mazda Drifter in 1999  by Audio Secure. We still own the vehicle, and as you know they are renowned to rust, but after 16 years  there is not a spot of rust and the unit has not stopped since installation, since this product works without any doubt in my mind, I had one fitted to  my 2009 Mazda 6 , and of late to my new 2011 Mazda 6. The first Mazda 6 unit fitted by Audio Secure worked for 18 months without any problems, so when I traded it in, I had it transferred to my latest Mazda 6 by Audio Secure the unit stopped working , it was replaced without any problems and refitted.

I think the product works well and very impressed with your after sales service as well as Audio Secure’s”

Phillip O, Forest Hills, South Africa 2012


“I installed RUST STOP on my 1972 Dodge Charger, it works perfectly, where there has been chipped, there has in no way been a tendency to rust. It’s nice for me to know that even though the weather can be humid (Denmark) I don’t have to be afraid of my dear Charger rusting up. No. 1 recommendation from me !”

Kenneth B, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012


“I would at the outset, like to thank you for being the Geniuses’ of invention of such a product. I’m totally overwhelmed with the power & protection of this product. I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say it is one of the best & most intelligent purchases I have ever made in my life. I had researched it before my purchase, but never in my wildest dreams expected it to work as it has done. When I purchased it, my vehicle had two spots of rust & also an area were the paint cracked. I knew if I delay any longer it was going to spread like CANCER. I immediately decided to go and purchase this amazing product. I’m so glad I did because those areas on my car mentioned above, are as intact & the same as they were since the day I installed this fabulous product. I swear that this rust has not moved an inch, thanks to “Rust Stop.” Regards,

A. H. A, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 2012


“I had RustStop fitted to my new blue Run X 1600 Sport in 2007 and the car was spotless up until the 22nd of February 2011 when my car was written off by a vehicle running a robot in Smith Street.  In March 2011, I bought a grey Run X 1600 Sport and had RustStop fitted to the car. On the 3rd April 2012 this vehicle was stolen while I was with a client in Glenwood. On the 5th April 2012 I managed to buy a black Run X 1600 Sport with low mileage in JHB and had RustStop fitted to this vehicle as well.  My brother Derek has had three of his vehicles fitted with RustStop at his company ******* on my recommendation, and this also applies to some of my friends and clients…. I am very impressed with the product…”

Andre M, The Bluff, South Africa 2012


“I have 2 Kia K2700 vehicle in my fleet. My initial vehicle is a 2001 model and the 2nd vehicle a 2011. It became clear early on that these vehicles do not have the same rust preventative measures as the locally manufactured vehicles. This problem does not seem to have improved over the years, as I have notice from other small business owners that are coastal based. I decided that when I purchased my 2nd Kia something had to be done. After doing some research on the net I decided that Rust Stop was the answer. I am very happy to date with the results.”

Mark L, Pennington, South Africa 2012


“I have had my unit installed for 2.5 years and am very happy with it. I live in South Australia and undertake many trips into the Australian Outback and deserts, many of which I lead myself. My 4WD therefore is exposed to many different types of weather conditions and terrains (including coastal areas), and I have seen no sign of rust on the vehicle or many attached aftermarket accessories. Therefore I am very satisfied with your product, and have actually recommended it to others, several of whom have purchased RustStop.”

Ian M, Glenside, South Australia 2012


“Well I still have the vehicle some 10 years approximately since the Rust Stop has been installed. All I have to say is very positive as it certainly seems to do what it says & I have bragged to most people I know about the benefits it provides especially if you want to keep the same vehicle for a long time as in my case.”

Alexander F “Wandeeroo”, Bundarra, Australia 2012


“We had the RustStop unit installed in 2007 and even though we lived in a beachfront townhouse at the time and for quite some time after installing the unit the vehicle has remained rust free in the past 5 years.”

Natalie K, Muizenberg, South Africa 2012


“Hi there. Well so far so good with my rust stop any existing rust I had on my 4×4 Nissan hardbody has not spread, be it only surface rust. My under carriage does have quite a bit of rust from nicks and bangs from going off road but it seems to be not spreading so all good. My unit has been working flawlessly  since installed over two years ago. Hope this helps, Thanks.”

Paul A, Kingsburgh, South Africa 2012


“I have recently sold my four wheel drive which I had your product installed in for approximately five years. I would like to share that the vehicle had been driven off road on some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, each year, for weeks at a time during annual family holidays. Sometimes the vehicle was not cleaned or washed thoroughly until after a week of beach driving. As you know the salt water and salt glued onto the vehicle should have cost me hundreds if not thousands in body work. Up until I sold the vehicle the only part of the car where rust was evident was on an external part of the body that did not form part of the body or structure. That is, it was an aerodynamic wing fixed to the roof. I look forward to purchasing your product again when I eventually purchase another four wheel drive, wife permitting.”

David F, Tugun, Australia 2012


“When we purchased our last car we were given the option to have the normal rust proofing method or the new electronic method to protect our vehicle. After hearing the pros and cons we decided to give the electronic method a go.

We live right on the coastline in Central Queensland, Australia – only 50 metres from the high tide mark – and are therefore subject to the effect of salt in a big way.  The first sign of rust in a vehicle, we have found over the years, is where the bonnet is chipped by flying stones.  The second place is on the edges of doors that have been opened up and been chipped from hitting a brick wall, etc. Well, we have some of both on our car already BUT there is NOsign of rust.  The only thing we can put this down to is the fact that we are using this new electronic method called “RustStop”.  I don’t think one could get better proof than this that the product is working.  We are at present into our eighth car and this is the first time we have had no problem with rust from the two places mentioned above. Thank you “RustStop”.

Tom E, Yeppoon, Australia 2012


“It appears to be working very well. We had a few spots of rust & it hasn’t progressed any further. Around the gutter on the Troopy was the main part. A pity there isn’t something like this to stop windsreens from breaking!! The voltage is 47.9 on the strips/anodes. Thank you.”

Richard & Kath B, Queensland, Australia 2012


“I have your rust stop on my 2001 Toyota Prado and I live at the beach so the vehicle is subject to the salt air environment and I also drive on the beach to do beach fishing and the vehicle is showing no signs at all of corrosion, I have been so impressed with the product that I got another one and installed it onto my Fathers 2010 Mitsubishi Pajero.

Thanks and I would not hesitate to advise someone else to use it.”

Derek A, Grafton, Australia 2012


“I have the Ruststop unit fitted to two of my vehicles. So far I am very impressed as I live close by to the ocean and it is proving its worth. The cars being a Toyota Tazz and the other a Toyota Corolla, common areas of rusting is around the windscreen. So far there is no evidence of even surface rust on these vehicles. Also the Corolla visits the beach every weekend as I am an avid angler. Apart from the parts were there are stone chips, there is no other evidence of rusting on my vehicles. Bottom line is that I am very impressed with your product.”

Joe N, Durban, South Africa 2012


“Mate so happy with my rust stop!!!! I noticed almost immediately that the surface rust on my tow bar started to change colour not looking rusty but just like clean metal….then I noticed the paint on the silver 209 Kia Rio started to look nicer , just like I cleaned it and as time went on it looked better and better, I only washed my car a total of 3 times between 2009 and 2012 and everyone commented how nice it locked lol I know that was the rust stop that helped the paint. I only just sold my Kia and now wanting to buy another rust stop as I also noticed when I grazed the exhaust on a gutter there was no corrosion on it even after 12 months . would I recommend RUSTSTOP sh** yeh!!!! well done guys and I have mentioned your product to all my mates as I live near the beach in Butler W.A. and I had thought about rust proofing but saved a fortune using RustStop instead and found it to do a much better job. Cheers for your product.”

Pedro G, Butler, Western Australia 2012


“Thanks for the thought. I installed my Ruststop on to a 2nd hand Landrover Defender. Overall in good condition with a small amount of rust in 1 door pillar and some minor rust in the canopy on the tray. Obviously my need was to retard / delay any more growth. I appreciate that this vehicle mass was pushing the unit however I am pleased to say after multiple trips onto Fraser Island and Double island point there are no further outbreaks, and like all these things when I get a moment free will use Ruststop RX100 as part of the repair process on the before mentioned problems.”

Brett H (happy customer), Brisbane, Australia 2012


“The result was incredible. I installed it in my 1995 full size Bronco, which I keep in and island 25 miles off of Puerto Rico called Culebra. Regarding the salt condition my truck is still in very good condition, with some rust but there were some friends that did not believed in my system and their truck are gone.”

Jose, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2012


“It is one of those products you just forget about. It sits under the hood and just does its job. I live by the sea, (about 100 Meters) and the Vehicle has not a speck of rust. Now I’m going to claim that it is because I LOOK AFTER MY CAR! But unfortunately that is not quite true, hahaha. Your Product works well I have had it on since new and the vehicle is just over a year old but its now garaged or under cover and does a lot of sitting around.

I learned about your product from an old Truck Driver who has one, and he swears by it. When I told him I was buying my vehicle he told me if I was getting this type of car I needed to have your product due to the fact that this type of Ute is prone to rust even though they have a great drive train. he is rite, I’M VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR PRODUCT and now I’m telling people too.”

Charlie C, Cooee Bay, Australia 2012


“Hi I’ve used RustStop for about five years and have had no rust problems at all over the years. I use the 4wd on the beach for fishing and family holidays about four or five times a year occasionally having to go through salt water. There has been no evidence of rust great product. I have also recommended and fitted to mates vehicles. Sorry no negatives. Cheers”

Paul G, Brisbane, Australia 2012


“I purchased this unit model RS2000 over 10 years ago, I had it installed on my 1987 Sigma which I still use, it runs on CNG and I have just turned 466,000Km and still running strong.

The car had some rust mostly in the doors which I got cut out, some along the boot lid which is left untouched and hasn’t progressed any further and the odd spot here & there….…. I feel the unit is serving me well and has dramatically reduced the rusting in this vehicle.

John & Catherine, Huntly, New Zealand 2011


“We moved to the coast in KZN where the weather is very humid at certain times of the year, this combined with the sea air accelerates the likelihood of rust in any metal products. I was nervous about my lovely car which was over 10 years old and in pristine condition. I had Ruststop fitted on personal recommendation and I am pleased to say that the car is still in pristine original condition and the chrome work still looks good at approx 14 years old. Many thanks”

Sue H, St Lucia, South Africa 2011


“Hi to you all. The Great Wall is looking great, it has been on the beach a few times everything looks fine. Cheers “ruststop”.”

John G, Caboolture, Australia 2011


“In 2005 I fitted the RustStop system to my 1998 Hilux as it was showing signs of corrosion commencing around engine and chassis details and the inevitable paint chips.  Nothing has changed, literally, despite several trips to Fraser Island and many journeys through Central Australia and Cape York.  My home area, while being 14 km from the sea, is subject to the SE on-shore weather and unprotected steel rusts quickly.  The vehicle is seldom parked under cover and the paint work is suffering as a consequence but of further corrosion there is no sign. When the Hilux eventually gets retired its replacement will get RustStop immediately.”

Ed Burke, South East Queensland, Australia, March 2011


“The unit had been in place on my single cab Rodeo 4×4 for 2 years resulting in absolutely no sign of rust in that period. In that time the vehicle has done a lot of sand and beach driving including unavoidable direct contact with salt water. I am so convinced that this system works that it was the first thing I pulled off the vehicle before I sold it. I know it will give me many more years of rust free motoring on my new Rodeo dual cab 4×4.”

Darren Athorn, Albion, QLD, Australia 2010


“I purchased a used Toyota Hilux 4WD about 5 years ago… I purchased a RustStop on the recommendation of a local car parts shop.  The instructions made installation very easy, and the unit has worked faultlessly ever since. My vehicle has done 2 or 3 beach trips every year and I don’t spare it.  The sacrificial anodes have shown corrosion since the first trip, but even when I rubbed right through the paint with a stray fishing reel, I have never found rust on the body or the chassis. After 5 years the sacrificial anodes are nearly at the end of their life, but I will be replacing them to continue the protection on my car. I would not hesitate to recommend RustStop to anyone.”

Geoff Fowler, Victoria Point, QLD, Australia 2009


“I installed your product (RustStop®) on my truck five years ago.  I just sold that truck a few months ago.  In the five years that I owned the truck, the only rust that got significantly worse was on the tailgate and the front bumper — places that I knew were electrically insulated from the rest of the truck…… Thanks for a great product!”

Dave Brown, Germantown, Maryland, USA, August 2007


“I own a 100series Landcruiser which I purchased from new in 1998. I purchased the RUSTSTOP electronic unit (MK VI, I think) in June 2006. I had read a credible review on the corrosion control unit. Although I did have  comprehensive rust proofing initially done on the vehicle, it was time to install a back up system. The Landcruiser until recently spent about 25% of its life in full sun. In October 2008, the original RUSTSTOP failed. The company quickly and willingly replaced the unit under warranty. This updated version was waterproof; an oversight with the original model. I eagerly await delivery of the new model (an RS 5 ). My vehicle, and RUSTSTOP, have stood the test of time. No rust; despite at least half a dozen beach trips (3 on Fraser Is ). Although the original rustproofing would be proving effective, the big standout is the paintwork. It’s as good as the day I picked the car from TOYOTA. I fact, the whole vehicle remains in pristine condition. I do the regular wash and occassional polish but the major reason for the Landcruisers longevity, I attribute to RUSTSTOP.”

Steven Starkey, New Farm, QLD, Australia, June 2008


“…… the original unit I installed on my 2003 ford focus performed admirably and the car looked like ‘new’ when I traded it recently on the new suzuki. I think it helped the trade-in value, too.”

Tim Sackett, New York, USA, July 2007


“THE FIRST RUST STOP I BOUGHT. (THIS IS MY SECOND) IS WORKING BEAUTIFULLY ON MY WIFE’S 2005 FORD ESCAPE. NOT A SINGLE SCREW/BOLT ON THE EXTERIOR OF THE CAR IS RUSTING OUT. WORKS GREAT (GOING ON 2 YRS) …. SO FAR……..Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan is one island of Fifteen) are exactly that…. Islands, surrounded by the Ocean. One can imagine the rust the Ocean creates on metal.”

R. Cabrera, March 2007


“I sold my original vehicle, which I originally installed my (RustStop®) RS2000 system. The buyer could not believe it was 5 years old, because of it’s great condition.” “….. thanks again for a great product.”

Ken Saurbier, April 2005


“My first RustStop was installed onto a double cab 4×4. This vehicle was involved in an accident and on getting the vehicle back from the panel beaters we found that the door panels were collecting water. The panel beater offered to install RustStop. After various arguments with the Insurer & the panel beaters, I agreed, on condition that the vehicle be written off and I was to be paid out on the first show of rust. Two years later the vehicle showed no sign of rust and was traded in for a new one. I was very impressed. I hire out earthmoving equipment and have had RustStop fitted to all my excavators and vehicles as part of my maintenance programme. I recommend RustStop to any person wishing to have a rust free vehicle and also as a way of maintaining the condition of the vehicle.”

Koos Naude, K.N. EXCAVATORS, February 2002


“We wish to place on record our satisfaction on your RustStop product. It was installed on the above vehicle approximately 6 years ago and to date the vehicle has not picked up any rust. We have been very impressed by this, therefore a system is being in stalled on my Isuzu 4×4, also in the other vehicles in our fleet in due course.”

Eddie Kidd, ZIPP PLUMBERS, September 2002


“In November 1993 I purchased a new Nissan 1400 LDV at which time a RustStop Electronic Rust Preventor was fitted. Some seven plus years later the vehicle remains in excellent condition, despite being parked in the open on a daily basis at Addington Hospital on the Durban beachfront. This without a doubt bears testimony to the effectiveness of the RustStop rust prevention system. In addition I am prepared to recommend this system unreservedly to others and may be contacted on (031) 7196555 should any further information be required.”

John R McCulloch, Durban, South Africa, March 2001


“About 2 years ago I fitted a RustStop unit to my 80 Series Land Cruiser….. Since I have taken my family to Double Island and Fraser Island on no less than 25 different occasions, some for more than 3 weeks at a time. I am pleased to say that there is still no corrosion in the vehicle, thanks to RustStop, the only corrosion I have witnessed has been the “sacrificial anodes” doing exactly what they are designed to do……”

Kim Binnie, Burleigh Waters QLD Australia, June 2001


“I had RustStop fitted to my 1990 Toyota Corolla in May 1996. At the time there was a small rust spot inside the boot lid. This spot has never increased and the has been no further rust appearing on my car. This is a credit to your RustStop system. I have friends who have the same model car and theirs is full of rust. I am so impressed with the system that I have made sure that our company vehicles are fitted with the same.”

D M Dold, Durban, South Africa, October 2002


“I purchased two RustStop units about 3 years ago and I installed them myself to mine and my wife’s car. We live near the coast and vehicle rust is a problem. There has been considerable visible evidence that the system is working effectively, not only from the corrosion of the anodes, but of the cars condition compared to similar cars, kept under similar conditions of friends and family.”

D E Barr, Ipswich, England, June 2002


“I had RustStop fitted to my VW Jetta over 3 years ago. My car is parked at my home on the Bluff (second worst corrosive area in the world), which has a serious rust problem, yet my vehicle shows no signs of corrosion due to this revolutionary product.”

Mr Dinkleman, The Bluff, South Africa, January 2000


“We have had Rust Stop units fitted to all our Emergency Response Vehicles and bakkies over six years ago. We have found the units to be very effective in preventing corrosion.”

SAPREF, November 2001


“RustStop has been fitted to Telkom vehicles and the units are effective and the guarantee offered on the systems are very good.”

TELKOM, November 1995


“We had 8 “RustStop” units fitted to our fire tenders and emergency vehicles over six years ago. We have found the units very effective in preventing corrosion, they have proved to be extremely efficient….. I would recommend the product.”



” …..If a new car were to reach a certain stage of rustiness under severe conditions at 3 years of age, then with the device fitted the vehicle would take 12 years to experience the same degree of rust.”



“We have had RustStop units fitted to all our service vehicles in an effort to abate a hectic rust problem. Due to the nature of our business and coastal conditions we found it imperative to de-rust our vehicles annually, this situation has radically improved with only minor rust emanating from damaged areas. I would have no hesitation in recommending this unit to anyone desiring a rust free vehicle.”