Technology Comparison

Spray-on Coatings

  • Only protects the area treated – RS-5 protects all metal surfaces
  • Can be messy and unsightly – RS-5 is clean and out of sight
  • Can chip, scratch or wear off – RS-5 is constant
  • Needs to be re-applied – RS-5 provides lifetime protection
  • Environmentally hazardous – Environmentally safe, chemical-free

Capacitive Coupling ERP

  • Capacitive Coupling relies on the paint to be unbroken in order to hold the charge and so as soon as there are any chips or scratches, the protection is greatly compromised, even pores in the paint will result in a loss of charge –RS-5 does not rely on the paint at all and so provides protection to all metal surfaces, all the time including the chips and scratches and reduces rust visibly.
  • The irregular shape of vehicle metal make it difficult to hold a charge using Capacitive Coupling – RS-5 holds a charge on its own Rust Magnets™ and so is able to protect all surrounding metal.
  • Existing rust means broken paint and irregular shapes, which means that the Capacitive Coupling charge is dissipated – RS-5 draws free-electrons away from any rust activity, controlling the reaction and slowing down any further rust.

Direct Connection ERP

  • The current impressed by an output bolted directly to the metal (Direct Connection) travels in a thin path of least resistance. This means there is little or no protection to most of the metal outside of this thin path – RS-5 outputs a strong charge onto the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) which in turn forms a large area of attraction around each one, like a magnet. The attraction field around each Rust Magnet™ overlap to provide protection to the whole vehicle.

Basic Cathodic Protection ERP

  • Deigned for ships and underground pipelines, the anodes are separated from the metal and the only way you will get protection is if the metal is submerged in water or soil in order to have an electrolyte (conductive material) between anode and metal. This is not suitable for vehicles – RS-5 uses an advanced dual technology and the specially design, open-cell tape on the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) allowing current flow and protection in all conditions.