About Us

Over 25 years ago in Durban, South Africa, 3 electronic engineers with previous experience in cathodic protection on ships and pipelines got together to try and overcome the many pitfalls of electronic rust protection for open air structures. They identified that if there was a way to combine the two proven technologies; impressed current and sacrificial anode; they could get the best of both and find an effective way to protect an open air structure using electronic rust protection. Combining these two technologies was a complex procedure as it is not a case of having them run in tandem, they need to be fully integrated. In 1988, after months of testing and adjusting, there was a breakthrough and the first RustStop® was made.

The first model was the RustStop® MKI and it was manufactured by a team of just 3 technicians under the supervision of 2 of the original 3 electronic engineers in a small workshop. The company Diverse Electronics was formed, and has since grown substantially and expanded into other products, but still manufactures all RustStop® products today. Diverse Electronics now exports into all continents and has become the preferred supplier to various government departments and OEMs. RustStop® now also have marketing branches in Australasia, North America and Asia.

RustStop® has come a long way since those early days, the ERP systems are more effective, efficient and professional, but it still uses the same basic technology developed over 20 years ago, which has yet to be duplicated successfully. One of the key principles that has made RustStop® so successful is the fact that they have remained realistic and honest about the expected results from their products. The fact is that nothing will stop rust 100%, not even RustStop®, and there are too many companies claiming to do so, but RustStop® will provide one of the best forms of overall rust protection available on the market.