RX200 - How it works


Once applied, RustStop® RX200 penetrates into every microscopic crack and crevice of the metal expelling any traces of moisture or oxygen, as it dries, it completely seals the surface, thus preventing the moisture carrying oxygen from entering and also bonds with the metal. Put simply, RustStop® RX200 suffocates the metal/rust – thus preventing the substrate from breathing. RustStop® RX200 dries to a flexible, water-repellent, non-conducting, long-lasting coat that is capable of handling very high heat. RustStop® RX200 is an easy-to-use, solid-state coating, that does not crack or peel. 

RustStop® RX200 dries to a transparent coating, so visual inspection of equipment and surfaces is not impaired. When applied as directed, a two-coat treatment of RustStop® RX200 will give long term rust protection under the harshest conditions.