Q.What makes RustStop™ RX200™ unique?

A:RX200 protects metal from rusting just like any other coating, it forms a barrier against moisture and oxygen. What makes RX200 unique is that it is transparent, flexible and permanent. Most products that are flexible and transparent are oily or waxy products that do not cure and so are not permanent and usually very messy. With RX200 you get all these properties with a product that cures and so is permanent and clean.

Q.Do I have to paint over RustStop™ RX200™ for it to be effective?

A:No, RustStop™ Rx200 is designed to be a stand-alone protective coating and there is no need to paint over it, but it is also a very effective primer to most paints.

Q.Is RustStop™ RX200™ difficult to apply?

A:Not at all, RustStop™ RX200 is very simple to apply and can be done using a standard paintbrush, enamel roller or paint spray-gun.

Q.How much surface preparation is needed?

A:Very little, you will need to remove any flaking and loose rust, and ensure the metal is dry and free from grease before application. RustStop™ RX200™ can be applied directly over existing rust and will penetrate and stop it from spreading any further.

Q.How long will RustStop™ RX200™ protect the metal?

A:RustStop™ RX200™ is very long lasting and if applied properly should provide protection for up to 10 years under the harshest conditions.

Q.What size containers is RustStop™ RX200™ available in?

A:Rx200 is primarily available in 20L drums but we also carry 1L tins for retail and samples purposes. For large volume users we can supply in 205L drums.

Q.Can RustStop™ RX200™ be used as a clear coat, no wax covering over a vehicle’s paint job?

A:No, this is not advisable as the gloss finish may vary over large sections.

Q.Can RustStop™ RX200™ be used on metal that is submerged in water?

A:Not ideally, RustStop™ RX200™ is designed for use on open air structures, but tests are being performed for submerged protection.

Q.Will the RustStop™ RX200™ “surface” crack?

A:No, the surface remains flexible and will never crack.

Q.Can it be applied over existing rust?

A:Yes it can be applied directly over existing rust (clean flaked areas first) and will stop rust totally – it precludes the metal from breathing and receiving oxygen and water, totally suffocating the rusting process.